Macros & Journals

Macros & Journals Price List

I provide custom macros for the following products:

  • MetaMorph
  • NIS ELements
  • Micro-Manager
  • ImageJ/FIJI

Please contact me for more information!

Free Supported Elements Macros

89 North PhotoFluor Driver – Please contact me if you need assistance with this driver. This driver is actively supported.

Other Free Elements Macros

The code below is provided “as-is” and by downloading it you agree not to hold me liable for any damage caused to your system, or yourself.Use at your own risk!

ND2 XY exporter – This will take a timelapse+multipoint, or Z+multipoint file, and export each location into an AVI file.

ND File Size Calculator – Use this to figure out how large your experiment file will be, before acquisition. ***Sizes are approximate.

Stage Search Macro – Scans a serpentine pattern around a start point to help find points of interest at high mag.

Sutter Lambda Workaround Macro for Elements 3.1 – This will move your Sutter filter wheels and provide the ability to modify and create new optical configurations. This should only be needed for Build 587.