Customer Recommendations

“Austin’s been a pleasure to work with. In addition to his in depth understanding of fluorescence microscopy and associated software, he has a keen ability to convey that understanding to others. He also has a real “do it yourself” attitude that carries over from his personal projects into his work. If the question is, “can we do this?” then Austin’s answer is probably “yes, we can. Let’s figure out how.”” – Ryan Brady, BioSearch Technologies. March 2011

“Austin has done a great job getting me working and keeping me working with a intricate microscope system. He knows the ins and outs of it and when he doesn’t have the info he gets it for me. And he does it quickly. He is probably the best technical support person I have worked with. And what a great guy!” – Paul Herzmark, U.C. Berkeley April 20, 2009

“Austin has proven himself time and again to have vast knowledge of microscopes and the imaging programs that accompany them. He is patient and giving with his explanations and time. Besides being a superlative resource, he is a good, smart, and cheerful person who is a pleasure to work with. Austin is by far the best scientific support person I have worked with in over 10 years – always able to problem solve in a creative manner. I trust him with all of my imaging and programing questions and recommend him with highest regards.” Leigh Needleman PhD, U.C. Davis March 31, 2009

Austin Blanco joined our project in 2007 as an optics consultant at a difficult point in the development path of our 3-objective, fluorescent imaging and recording setup. From the outset, he did a fantastic job of explaining the complex technical aspects of our camera and microscope system. This allowed us to make informed, considered choices in the design stages, resulting in a better microscope and more detailed images for our project. Throughout, Austin has been an enthusiastic team player in a challenging environment, providing rapid feedback on the problems we encountered along with suggestions and solutions. He spent time on our behalf collecting detailed information and providing valuable opinions on lead times and quotes, invaluable to our time-sensitive project. We continue to work with Austin as a consultant on this project and I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to others looking for advice or technical help with their optical systems.” – Gillian Stephens PhD. Portola Pharmaceuticals. Feb 3, 2009

“Austin is a very talented imaging professional. His attention to detail and and follow-through are outstanding.”Jamie Butler PhD. Nikon Instruments, November 5, 2008