• Dr. Black Presentation at Google Solve for X

    Dr. Black discussing the challenges of Alzheimer’s and some potential solutions, at Google’s Solve for X event.

  • Our Mission

    NeuroVision is developing a noninvasive, quick, and inexpensive retinal imaging test for the early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Our proprietary technology allows us to image amyloid beta plaque (the hallmark sign of the disease) in the retina.

    in vivo lableing of AB Plaques
  • Research

    Animal models, human cadaver studies, and human clinical trials confirm the presence of amyloid beta plaque in the human retina. Ongoing clinical trials demonstrate separation of Alzheimer’s and MCI patients from healthy controls.

  • Retinal Imaging Test

    Our goal is to provide clinicians with a simple, objective retinal imaging test in an office setting that enables detection of amyloid beta plaques and monitoring of patients over time.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

    Alzheimer’s begins creating changes in the brain (buildup of amyloid) as many as 20 years before symptoms occur. Early detection is key.


CNet – Australian scientists developing early detection test for Alzheimer’s

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15th Jul

CBS News Report – Eye test may be able to detect Alzheimer’s decades before onset

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15th Jul

Wall Street Journal Reports on Neurovision Imaging’s Research

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15th Jul

NeuroVision Imaging Eye Test Shows Potential for Early Detection of Changes Associated with Alzheimer’s Disease in Clinical Study

“If longitudinal studies demonstrate that our test can detect changes in retinal plaque over a short period of time, we see great potential for using the technology not just for early detection, but also for measuring response to therapy,” said NeuroVision CEO Steven Verdooner.

14th Jul

Dr. Black interviewed on KCET

Dr. Black  describes the NeuroVisionImaging Alzheimer’s test.  

11th Jul

CNN Reports on New Retinal Imaging Test for Alzheimer’s

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19th Aug
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NeuroVision Eye Test Part of Major Alzheimer’s Trial

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06th Jun

Dr. Keith Black featured in Discoveries Magazine

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04th Jan

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