Hard to Find Specifications

This is a page dedicated to hard to find device specifications and links (if possible) to specs.

PC Specs (Subject to change – THESE DO NOT include monitors!)

“Standard PC” – Intended to support documentation and/or manually operated acquisition from the microscope.

“Performance PC” – Intended to support automated acquisition using motorized components for control of the microscope.

“Shuttle PC” – Small form factor PC for use in constrained spaces.

Nikon Products

Nikon Ti Epi / TIRF illuminator manual

Nikon DS Digital Sight Pixel Sizes

(Hey Nikon Marketing – this is a BASIC and REQUIRED spec. Why isn’t it on the product brochures???)

DS-Fi1 Pixel Size = 3.4um

DS-Qi1 Pixel Size = 6.45um

DS-2M series (All DS-2M camera types) 4.4um

DS-Ri1 Native (before stepping) Pixel Size = 6.45um, Effective size @ Max res (pixel shifting mode) = 2.0um

C-Mount Specifications

Thread Diameter = 1″

Threads Per Inch (TPI) = 32tpi

ANSI Specification = 1-32 UN 2A

Focal Distance = 17.526mm (0.6900 in)


Yokagawa Products

CSU X1 Dichroic Mirror dimensions = 15mm x 13mm x 0.5mm (ref)