Tutorials, Device Manuals & Test Utilities

Imaging Presentation from Austin

Selecting the Best Camera

“Camera architecture & Microscopy” Presentation

“Quantitative Imaging Fundamentals” Presentation

“Image Analysis and Processing” Presentation

Manuals, FAQ’s and Guides

Nikon Intensilight FAQ’s –  Click Here for the PDF. Thanks to Nikon’s Ed Lieser for putting this together!

Epi-Fluorescence Filter Cube Tables – Use these to figure out what wavelengths your filter cube uses.

Immersion Oil FAQ

Perfect Focus and Immersion Oils

Photonic Instruments (Now Andor) Mosaic Manual

Photometrics DV-2 Manual

Cairn OptoSplit 3 Manual

Comprehensive guide to Serial Ports from Lava Technologies – This covers all the nuances about serial, like uarts, buffers, parity and so forth.

InVivo Co2 200 Mixed Output Incubator Manual

InVivo Co2-300 Regulated Feedback Co2 and Incubator Manual

How To’s

Official Nikon Elements AR 3.2 User Mnaual

How to Merge Multiple Channels in Elements D (can also be used for BR and AR)

Nikon Elements How-To Bundle. (From Nikon )

How to Save an Image for Display or Presentation

Calculated Objective Calibrations in Elements

Co-localization using Binary Thresholding

Using the Elements FRET Module

How to test COMM port on a PC

Saving ROI and Threshold overlays to a display image

Whole Field Analysis using Elements

Overlay Image Information in Image Pro Plus

TTL Device Control with Elements

TIRF Fiber coupler Flat to Angled or angled to flat conversion

Nikon Elements Downloads

Use this link to download the most current release of Nikon Elements software.

NIS Settings Tool 32 Bit – For backup and import of all hardware and user settings

NIS Settings Tool 64 Bit – For backup and import of all hardware and user settings

If you want to use a parallel port with Elements you’ll need the Parallel Port Macro (for v3.1)

Batch Export Macro – Use to export batches of ND files. ***for 32 Bit OS Only!

Grid to ND generator – Use to generate multipoint experiments from a user defined grid.

Well Plate Macro for Elements 3.1

Micropoint Driver – For 32 Bit OS Only

Mosaic 2 Driver – For 32 Bit OS Only

Elements 3.1 Installation Fix – This fixes the “App fails to launch” error found on 3.1 installs.

NIS Elements Free Viewer 3.1 – Used to view nd2 and other files. ***32 Bit operating systems ONLY (But will run in compatibility mode :-))

NIS Elements Free Viewer for Mac OS. – Yes they finally released one!

Lambda XL Start / Stop Driver – Use to control the start or stop of the Lambda XL light source from Elements.

PIOSetup.zip – This enables access to Elements parallel port functions – it also includes a sample setup macro from Nikon.

Hasp Utilities – Use to check or update your key.

DS-U3 Install Guide – This is a must-have reference for installing the DS-U3 Firewire controller.

Thesycon Installer for Ds-U3 Cameras – Use for U3 firewire controllers only!

Freeware Downloads

ImageJ – NIH Sponsored Image analysis software

Fiji – A distribution of ImageJ which includes several tools useful for life sciences research

IR Fanview – A good overall (not science specific) image importer and editor, good for presentaiton images

Picasa – Image archiving and editing software from Google, not quantitative but good for presentation images.

Miscellaneous Utilities for Device Control & Test

Parmon – This is a parallel port monitor and control tool.  It’s easier to use than a multimeter!

Free Serial Port Monitor – Use this to see if your programs are communiating correcly with your devices.

Startup Control Panel – Use this to enable or disable boot processes which can cause problems with imaging software. ***Be careful with this as you can inadvertently turn off all sorts of important processes if you don’t know what you are doing.

SyncBack – The freeware version is an excellent backup utility for backing up experimental data. Thanks to Del from UNR for introducing me to this great utility!