Here’s a project I can finally talk about! This is one of my clients, PEOVI, who makes rugged, high speed camera mounts for anything from race cars, to airplanes. If you need to mount a Black Magic Micro, or GoPro, to your high speed vehicle, this is the product for you. The engineering team behind this company has decades of experience in manufacturing airborne cinematography platforms. No plastic on these bad boys 🙂

Here’s a link to the company store, where you can get anything from a simple fixtured mount, up to a tilt/roll/pitch enclosure.



Above is an example of the “speed ball” enclosure, which is used with GoPro cameras. The bottom mount us for a cinematic type tube, so it can be used with normal video production equipment if desired. Of course, it might also be attached to the strut of an experimental aircraft wing… 🙂

– Austin