I’m happy to announce a new product made by ARC. Over the years I’ve worked with a large number of illuminators, from mercury excitation lamps to laser combiners. I’ve tried to combine the best traits of a light source into this device, while ignoring some of the super-awesome features that drive costs up. Key to this is to be completely flexible in LED selection. This is a “dichroic-less” device, as such, one can select as many close-line LEDs as needed for a given application. In addition, LED’s can be installed after purchase by end-users, should they need to add or modify custom modules to the system. Another great advantage for users is the ability to use a broad spectrum white channel, built into the device with the discrete LED channels. This is a unique advantage over other devices, for in many cases all that is required is a broad spectrum light source and a filter cube. Finally, due to the nature of the design and manufacturing engineering of this product, we can offer this multi-channel exciter at what I believe is the lowest price in the industry, $8,500 USD with 8 LEDs installed.

Here’s a brief video showing the device, you can purchase it from the online store here.