About Me

I work as director of Research & Development at Neurovision Imaging LLC, as well as consult for a variety of software, firmware, hardware, and optical engineering projects.

Some of my more common functions are:

  • Helping product managers to build and test a new product, when existing resources aren’t available to do so internally.
  • Helping the owners of complex imaging systems to solve difficult problems.
  • Assisting in the purchase / construction of custom imaging systems
  • Writing custom programs for MetaMorph, Image Pro, NIS Elements, ImageJ/Fiji, or Micro-Manager.
  • Building driver devices to run hardware (lasers, shutters, light sources, stages), which has no existing driver for a given software package.
  • Engineering and supplying custom electric, optical, mechanical, software and firmware devices for special applications, like this one.
  • Providing on-site training for your imaging system.
  • Providing presentations on various topics related to microscopy systems.

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